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Discover Good Music: A Warm Welcome!

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Discover Good Music is an open hearted sharing of my genuine passion for music. I’ve spent the last 13 years editing music features, creating playlists and updating radio stations for a popular music streaming service. This put me in a luxurious position of being able to professionally assess a vast number of new releases each week. I enjoy making key decisions on which artists to feature and love curating engaging playlists. The ever changing landscape of music consumption.

Exploring music

I’ve been obsessed with new music since my mid-teens. I fondly remember the joyful feeling of exploring music beyond my parents’ rather limited record collection. Finding new bands and artists to really embrace and champion continues to be such a buzz. As has been widely documented, streaming and social media have broken down traditional barriers for artists to release music and connect directly with fans. The benefits of opening up direct communication and easy distribution of content cannot be underestimated. It is a truly amazing step forward for the creative community.

Listener choice

For a listener though, the choice can be overwhelming. Filtering through a mountain of new music takes so much effort for even the most avid music fan! I do wonder what it must be like for teenagers now as they begin to explore music. Where would you start with the entire history of music available at your fingertips? Plus, with so much content released each week, it can seem impossible to find new artists to really love. Consequently, there are so many fantastic artists and songs that fall under the radar.

Blast off!

Here’s to launching Discover Good Music and joining other brilliant sites in helping to navigate through the sea of new music. I will reflect quality songs that I truly love and showcase artists that I believe have massive potential. If I feature any artists that resonate with you, it’s a tiny step to helping support those artists. They can then continue to be artists. Should that happen, I’ll be a very happy man.


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